• Metal sheet stamping

    Eccentric presses having a stamp power of 40-200 t.
    Thickness of material from 0,5 – 5 mm.

    Size1300 x 10001300 x 7601200 x 1000900 x 1000940 x 650580 x 440800 x 600
    Force of the press200 t200 t200 t160 t50 t40 t63 t
    Speed300 strokes/min200 strokes/min130 strokes/min120 strokes/min1000 strokes/min500 strokes/min65/130 strokes/min
    Maximum stroke160 mm120 mm120 mm120 mm51 mm58 mm105 mm
  • Plastic injection moulding

    Commonly used materials:
    PP, PA, PA 6, PA 6.6, PE, ABS, PS, POM

    Injection machinesENGEL ES
    Max. mould dimensions305 x 430 mm405 x 516 mm650 x 650 mm700 x 990 x 660 mm
    Closing force50 t80 t155 t320 t
    Min. mould height150 mm430 mm300 mm220 mm
  • Thermoforming Warmpressen von Fasermaterialien

    Traditional technology of production of planar parts. The products are used in cars and trucks and are well resistant to wear and tear during normal operation.
    Applications: door panels, carpets etc.

    Pressing line R + S.
    The maximum width of the input material1620 cm
    Max. dimension of mold1450 x 1200 mm
    Max. size of the molding1350 x 1100 mm
  • Hydraulic press SANDT

    Production of parts of the carpet material to a hydraulic press.

    Pressing force300 kN
    Size1700 x 1700 mm
  • Production of molds and tools

    Production of rotating parts. Wire cutting of small parts. Round grinding and milling.
    The Toolroom is capable of installing new tools and maintaining existing tools up to approx. 1200mm x 650mm, max. height 380mm at stroke 120mm,
    However, the max. weight is currently limited by the lifting capacity of the handling device, ie 1200 kg.

    Machinery equipment:
    • Mills - 2pc
    • Sanders - 3pc
    • Wire cutter - 1pc

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